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Using the latest tools in digital technology while maintaining the critical sense of community and interaction that has become the hallmark of your event, the Scott Circle Events team is providing many new, innovative opportunities to deliver content and take advantage of the virtual environment.  A virtual event offers the opportunity to expand your universe, connect with current and potential members globally, and engage inspiring speakers, celebrities and entertainers previously overlooked due to budgetary constraints or complex production requirements.

Success in the virtual environment is predicated on rethinking your current model and the recognition of the attendee’s surroundings. Allow us to work closely with you to understand your goals, reimagine your program and thrive in the virtual environment. Speeches must be concise and impactful, graphics must be invigorating, interactive “boosts” must be frequent, and the quality of the transmission (audio and visual) must be flawless.

"The idea of transitioning your live event to the virtual environment might seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be when you're working with Scott Circle Events. They brought the right technology and strategy to create a seamless, dynamic, and engaging event. Scott Circle's creative edge and expert project management didn't just dress up a Zoom meeting, they reimagined the digital event experience."

Chris Phillips
Development Director
Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence


Overall Coordination and Project Management

Program and Content Development

Design of Attendee Experience & Engagement Tools

Speaker Outreach and Coordination (Live and Pre-Recorded)

Complete Show Pre-Production, Production and Asset Management

Graphic Packaging and Implementation

Custom Microsite Development

The team at Scott Circle Events is ready to assist you in navigating this new environment and achieving your goals virtually.