Center for Earth Ethics

Scott Circle was tasked with providing social media strategy and developing a guidebook of social media procedures for the Center for Earth Ethics (CEE).

CEE is a forum based at Union Theological Seminary that seeks to articulate and enact a moral response to the threat that climate change poses to the world.

Scott Circle conducted a full audit of the CEE’s online presence including its website and social media channels, noting areas where improvements needed to be made and providing strategy to make those changes. A comprehensive social media guidebook was developed to provide to any CEE staff that may have access to CEE’s social media channels. In this guidebook, Scott Circle developed consistent messaging regarding CEE’s goals and initiatives to be used across all platforms.

Best practices in regards to operating CEE’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels including information such as how and when to post certain messages were also provided. Procedures were set into place for how students and faculty should submit content. Insight was also provided in regards to updating CEE’s website and distributing CEE’s newsletter. Scott Circle also worked with CEE staff to develop and implement a social media editorial content calendar moving forward. With this calendar, CEE will be able to efficiently schedule upcoming social media messages to ensure that they have a frequent, consistent and relevant presence online.

As Scott Circle’s overall social media strategy continues to be implemented, CEE will be able to better establish itself as a credible and reliable voice in the climate-change community, and not only engage its current followers, but continue to build and reach a larger mainstream audience.